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Upcoming Vinings Restaurant Week!

Come one, come all to the Second Annual Vinings Restaurant Week from Oct 5th-13th.

ImageIf you already call Vinings home, live just across the river in Buckhead or over the RR tracks in Smyrna, you are probably looking forward to another great restaurant week. Besides the fact that these are all great restaurants (we’ve tried all of them!), eating locally gives us a chance to run into friends and neighbors while we are out. We will make it a point to visit as many of these restaurants as we can.

Each place will offer fixed price menus – $15, $25 and $30.


These are just a few of the eighteen neighborhood restaurants participating in Restaurant Week! With so many great places to choose from, you’ll find something to suit anyone’s taste including dessert and breakfast/brunch/lunch for you early birds.

If you’ve found this link because you are searching for a Vinings home, this is a perfect opportunity to see what the area has to offer. Grab a friend or come out and make a friend. We looking forward to seeing you there!

For you locals – which of these restaurants is a must-visit? If these places are new to you, which one are you most looking forward to trying?

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Review of Vinings Fish Company

I should preface my commentary of Vinings Fish Company by saying that I am not a “foodie” or a cook, so I don’t necessarily have the knowledge to comment on anything….but I do like to eat!

Based on my experience, I love the atmosphere at Vinings Fish Company and they were super nice to my little boy.


Inside at the Vinings Fish Company

Main Dishes
I had the crab cakes as that’s somewhat of my test to determine if a restaurant is good or not as I try them everywhere.  The crab cakes were excellent and served with mashed potatoes and green beans and plated very pretty.  I wish they had some sort of sauce with them, as that is usually a determining factor if I’ll crave them or not.

They do have the children’s menu with fish fingers, fried shrimp, and the normal kid food like mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, etc.

I look at this restaurant as kind of fish “purist”, nothing fancy for the sauces, but great seafood.  I’d go again.

Comments from My Dinner Companions
“I had the sautéed snapper and added crab. Fabulous.”

“On the shrimp and grits – I liked the red sauce, but I was surprised by it because I’m used to the brown roux in Charleston. Maybe people in different areas prepare it differently. It looked a little like a Creole dish, but without the heat! The grits were really yummy!”

The children’s menu comes with a mini-sundae which my son loved of course.  The fried banana sundae – very delicious, but too much, needed to split it with someone. (Who can eat a whole banana and ice cream after a meal!?)

The key lime was good but milder than I normally like with a bit more tang.

The Scene
The wine menu is extensive and covers most anything you’d like as well.

The bar is chic and was hopping by the time we left which was close to 8pm and I did recognize quite a few people there so it is a great spot to see Vinings and Buckhead people.  Those I knew were Buckhead people, so they are headed our direction on their Friday out as well.

The Vinings Fish Company      on Urbanspoon

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