Client References

“Tina, We wish you the very best wishes and much success in your new affiliation. We consider you a true Pro and are delighted that you represent our proud little Vinings Village Community in the ethical manner that you do.”– Vinings Village Homeowners Association


“My experience with Tina Hunsicker was exceptional, she handles a very difficult situation with class and was at all times professional. The buyer of my home was a difficult and unpredictable person throughout the process and Tina was able to stay calm and a professional long after most people would have lost their tempers or simply given up. I deal in commercial real estate for a living and was thoroughly impressed by Tina’s ability to manage this whole process and her understanding of the rules governing the sale process. I would strongly recommend Tina as an agent to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Atlanta.”– Dror G.


“Tina sold my home in June 2013, but I had the pleasure of working with her for six years prior to the sale. I first started contemplating selling my house in 2007 and met Tina at that time. I finally listed my house with Tina in 2011 only to change my mind and take it back off the market after Tina brought me some very strong offers in a very difficult market. Most agents would have given up after working with a potential client for four years and still not getting a sale. Tina stuck with me. She kept me up to speed on market conditions and with the benefit of her advice and counsel I finally made the decision to sell in 2013. Tina invested upfront in developing a strong listing that attracted lots of attention and it definitely paid off. She brought me multiple offers over list price the first day the house was on the market. It was SOLD less than a month after it hit MLS.

Tina is definitely not just after a fee. Tina really does develop relationships with her clients and she maintains those relationships over time. Tina works hard for her clients and she takes the time to understand what her clients need and what she can do to meet those needs. She builds relationships over time that benefit her clients in the end and she does what’s right for her clients, not what gets her the fastest or biggest fee. She doesn’t change her approach just because it takes a long time or because the house isn’t going to bring her a huge fee (I should know, my house was definitely not a million dollar house). I can’t recommend Tina highly enough. She’s not only a great agent, she’s a great person. You will enjoy working with her and you will be very happy with the results. I know I am.
– Kris A.


“You handled the sale of our condo with total professionalism. Thank you for always being in communication with us throughout the entire process. You returned calls, texts, emails even though you were out of town or busy. Got the condo sold in reasonable time!”– Maryann S.


“Tina has been our Realto®r for years! She knows the Vinings market, is easy to work with, realistic, and has been a great help to us. If you need a realtor, I can recommend Tina hands-down!”– Tara J.

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