About the Real Vinings-Buckhead Blog

Why did I start a blog about living in the Real Vinings and Buckhead? 

Tina Hunsicker, Vinings Realtor with Prudential Georgia - Buckhead Office

Tina Hunsicker

1. I have people asking me all the time about things locally; such as, do you know where the Easter Egg hunts are, what are the best camps for summer and where do I go to see what is going on in Vinings and Buckhead communities ?

2.  I have a lot of clients moving to Vinings and Buckhead from out-of-town or locally to be near the private schools, so I thought that a community blog would get newcomers to metro Atlanta indoctrinated in our social happenings that may not make papers and media channels.

3. Friends and clients are always  asking me what a particular house sold for and historically I’ve sent out post cards with “sold” houses on them quarterly, and I thought the blog could be a more “real-time” means to get people this information.

4. I often wonder what others are thinking about particular things and thought this would be a good way to get ideas and solicit feedback.  I have a Facebook page for Real Vinings|Buckhead that is connected to this blog and I intend to utilize it for opinions, questions and suggestions about things that I blog about.

5.  Lastly, I bet most of you didn’t know that I was in the banking, business development and management consulting industry for a long time.  Therefore,  I am used to getting paid for my opinions and this is a way for me to give them to you for free!

Please click here to find out more about Tina Hunsicker.

Tina Hunsicker

Resident of Vinings
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia Properties – Buckhead Office

404.931.3944 (Cell)
404-537-5200 (Office)


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