Buyers Seeking Homes


Making that connection between a home buyer and a homeowner can be a little bit like matchmaking; I really need to understand the needs and wants of my clients in order to match them with the home (or buyer) of their dreams.

For some buyers, finding a home in the school district they want on a short timeline is critical. For others, space is the reason for moving, whether they’re upsizing or downsizing.

Then there are clients for whom finding the right home is more important than making a quick purchase. There needs to be a little bit of magic in the air and I need to keep my eyes open for a place that’s perfect for them.

That’s why I’m going to be posting “buyers seeking homes” here. There may be homeowners who are thinking of selling at some point but haven’t made the decision to list. But if you knew that there was someone who was crazy about your home and motivated to make an offer, it might be just the nudge you needed. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble finding that perfect home, let me know and I’ll post you to this site and keep you in my buyer database.  I’ll be doing short, classified-style posts with a brief description of what my clients are seeking. If you think “that sounds like my home” and are interested in talking about listing your home, give me a call and I’ll do my best to make a perfect match.

Tina Hunsicker

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