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Vinings Ice Cream Truck Hits the Streets

The ice cream truck has arrived in Vinings!

The ice cream truck has arrived in Vinings!

Residents of Vinings must be hearing the bells and speaker from the ice cream truck!  We were used to hearing them at the beach, but in Vinings this is a relatively new thing.

We first started hearing the familiar ring of the ice cream truck a couple of months ago and now it’s pretty regular.  Fortunately she usually hits our street after dinnertime so it works out well for us.

We’ve heard the ice cream truck on Teton and Orchard Knob already too, so I figure she’s most likely on all our streets.

We threw her for a loop when Chase came running out of a client’s house one day as she seems to now know where all the children are and was used to seeing two brothers from that house, not Chase. 🙂

Kids the ice cream truck in Vinings!

Kids walk run to the ice cream truck in Vinings!

If your street doesn’t have the ice cream truck stopping by and you’d like her to, let me know and I’ll pass the information along.

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