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Update: Summer Sleep-away Camps Lists

Chase has had a great time at three sleep-away camps this summer! I’ve mentioned them before, but the maritime and water sports programs at Camp Seagull/ Camp Seafarer are so great and he has such an amazing experience that I can’t say enough good things about them. He also attended a Boy Scout camp  and a Georgia Tech Lacrosse Camp this summer and came home tired, dirty, and completely happy!  I also want to mention that many of these camps require sign ups starting in early October, so if you’re thinking about next summer you might need to start doing your research now!

I’ve been posting about summer camps as a resource for parents for several years now, so I wanted to link to a couple of posts with good lists of summer camps that either Chase or other friends have enjoyed. I update these lists as I get more information so they do change from time to time. To save you the trouble of searching through the archives, take a look at the “categories” list on the right side of the blog – if you click on “Atlanta Summer Camps” all of my posts are there in one place.

Meanwhile, here is a post from a few years ago about summer sleep-away camps and a list of both local day and sleep-away camps I’ve put together over the years.

Since a photo is worth 1,000 words, here are a few pictures of Chase’s summer camp experiences- the smiles say it all!


Chase and a camp buddy // photo credit:


Learning net-fishing skills // photo skills:


Chase loves getting his hands dirty at camp! // photo credit:



One of many great water activities // photo credit:


Happy scouts at


Around the campfire



Tired, dirty, and happy!

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