Summer Sleep Away Camps throughout the Southeast

Planning to keep kids entertained during the summer months often involves a carefully-calculated mix of day camps and sleep away camps. I have posted previously about summer day camps in Atlanta both here and here. But I recently found this comprehensive guide to sleep away camps throughout the Southeast, courtesy of Camp Mac, all of which are convenient to Atlanta and I knew it was a resource I had to share.

Summer Sleep Away Camps in the Southeast

Photo Credit: Camp Mac

Coed Camps:

Girls’ Camps:

Boys’ Camps:

Summer Sleep Away Camps throughout the Southeast

Photo Credit: Alpine Camp for Boys


Do you have any camps to add to the list? Leave a comment to let me know!

*Update July 2016*

I’m adding additional camps to this list that I’ve gotten to know since I originally posted.

Camp Seagull/ Camp Seafarer has become one of Chase’s favorites- he loves all of the water activities they offer.

I’ve also posted updates with lists including Atlanta-area day camps as well as sleep-away camps which I will link below:


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