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Sold: 3429 Habersham Road NW


3429 Habersham Road NW  Atlanta, GA 30305

Overview: 7,814 sq. ft.; 6 bedroom; 6 bathroom; 3 car garage; .73 acre lot

Schools: Jackson – Atlanta; Sutton; North Atlanta

List Price: $1,895,000

This gorgeous Tuxedo Park home located on one of the most prestigious streets in Atlanta was a great find for one of my clients! This 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home with luxury finishes is on a large lot with an indoor/outdoor flow perfect for entertaining.

I knew that they were in the market for a really exceptional property and when I discovered that that this home would be available for sale, I wanted to get them in to see it as soon as possible. We were thrilled to be able to see this one just before it hit the market and my client was quick enough to snag it right away.

This is a great example of why working with an experienced realtor can really make a difference;  you may be able to find your dream home even if it hasn’t hit the market yet!

As always, feel free to reach out to me to set up a time to talk about the kind of home you are looking for. The Atlanta market has really been heating up lately and I’d love to help you find exactly what you want in a home. And please let me know if you’re even thinking about buying or selling your Atlanta area home! While you hear me talking about Buckhead and Vinings real estate all the time, I have lots of experience throughout metro Atlanta including Smyrna, “Smynings”, Mableton, Sandy Springs,  Ansley Park, Midtown and now even Towne Lake!.

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Party at the Pirch


The grand entrance

A couple of weeks ago I hosted an event for my clients.  It was SO much fun that I need to keep telling the world about my new favorite place,  Pirch.
Back when the real estate market was crazy in 2005-2007 I sold more new construction than resales.  Then the market tanked and business became re-sales and buyer representations.  Recently the market for new construction has opened up again and I’m currently working with two clients who are building new homes and three clients who are doing major remodels.  That passion and joy that that business brings me is embodied in the Pirch experience.
Just step inside their doors at Lenox Marketplace Showroom at 3535 Peachtree Road NE (across from Phipps Plaza) and you’ve opened up a world to dream about what your home could be.  The service is incomparable and they’ll even serve you a drink from the Cafe while you browse.  They have in house consultants and rooms where you can design and dream.
Pirch chef hard at work in this showcase kitchen

Pirch chef hard at work in this showcase kitchen

I had attended a function with my office there a few months back and one of the outside sales reps had suggested that I hold an event for my clients.  The challenge came in conveying the experience and how much fun it is to them via an invitation.  Those that have a passion for cooking understood, along with my “foodie” friends but every single person left wanting to come back, just like I did.
We learned all about salt block cooking

We learned all about salt block cooking

Delicious dumplings

Delicious dumplings

The cooking demo area with friendly, helpful staff

The cooking demo area with friendly, helpful staff

Guests were treated to tours and a cooking demo by their in house chefs who come from some very upscale  restaurants and are showing their skills in this beautiful show kitchen without having to deal with the brutal hours of the restaurant world.  They taught us how to prepare fish, cook on a salt block and served us very yummy food and treats.
Cocktails ready to go!

Cocktails ready to go!



 Guests were treated to go home with a salt block and a cookbook along with a goodie bag with items from my partners that helped me host the event.  Besides Pirch, I had Dan Asbury with Suntrust Mortgage provide the drinks, Caleb Rhodes with Green Friendly Homes who showcased some fabulous homes he had built and provided measuring tapes to all, Traci Rhoads with Traci Rhoads Interiors, who gave tips on decorating, showcased some of her fabulous work, and slipped a wonderful linen candle into the goodie bags, and then one of my closing attorneys, Anthony Bagiatis with McLain and Merritt came up with a creative idea to give everyone a jar of specialty pork/chicken rub that he assures us is fantastic, can’t wait to try it along with my salt block.  Traci Rhoads said that it was such a great event that she’d have her wedding there one day!  We all cracked up, but it’s really a testament to what a first class event it was.
Goodie bags ready for guests

Goodie bags ready for guests

Since the event, I had a client that needed to look at appliances for a prospective build go over to check Pirch out.  He called me the next day to tell me they served him lobster and turned on the TV to his football game! He ended up spending three hours there!  Trust me and head over to Pirch to dream, you won’t go home hungry.  Even my son enjoys coming along to have the barista’s serve him hot chocolate!  I encourage you to check out one of their upcoming events, you won’t be disappointed.

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Vinings, Buckhead and Smyrna Real Estate Markets for 2013

It’s already January 8th and I’m finding a moment to reflect on what trends I saw in the Atlanta real estate market last year and what (in my humble personal opinion) will be happening in 2013 with our housing industry and more specifically in my market areas of expertise – Vinings, Buckhead and Smyrna.

As each area of Atlanta seems to have a different feel and velocity, I’ll approach the areas separately. I’ll provide the statistics to back up my opinions on another date as I post them frequently and they only tell one part of the story. I like to say what I see from a grass roots perspective. I know real estate management and even many other bloggers like to paint a rosy picture to get people to “buy” houses, I tend to be much more pragmatic and look at things with an analytical eye, as a homeowner and a mother as to what my clients are feeling and needing.


I’ve said this all year, but I believe even more so now. Inventory is low and if you want to sell it is a good time.

Almost new with master on the main - so close to Lovett and Westminster. This Vinings home is located at 930 Randall Farm Road. Listed by Tina Hunsicker of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty. Please click here to see more information and additional photos.

Almost new with master on the main – so close to Lovett and Westminster. This Vinings home is located at 930 Randall Farm Road. Listed by Tina Hunsicker.

I do feel pricing in the Vinings real estate market is still above what many are expecting and I think quite a bit of the inventory will continue to sit unless its adjusted back to about 2000 levels. We were at 1998 levels, so this is good news.

Unfortunately, we still have many people pricing at 2005-2007 levels and it just isn’t going to work. Yes, Vinings has great county services, much lower tax levels, it’s a charming Village to live in etc., but pricing can’t be higher than its neighbor across the river in zip code 30327.

For the Vinings area, I have investors and builders engaged again.  And although they don’t have spec home interest, there is a pent-up demand for new homes specifically for empty nesters wanting to get rid of the Buckhead taxes and their $3M and up homes. Families come to Vinings once they are in private school, but since private schools are eating up alot of their incomes, they tend to look for the more reasonably priced homes, or by Vinings standards, almost starter homes in the $500,000 and $600,000 ranges.

Back in the peak, many families with children in Atlanta’s private schools were buying the newer construction homes for $1.5M, but I’ve seen several families that were over extended go into foreclosure and I think recent purchasers have been much more prudent. (I have clients still waiting for the newer construction foreclosures, but I think that bus left the station.)

There will continue to be deals like in any market, but very rare and far between – and we are are seeing those get bid up when they come on low priced. I just recently found a fabulous deal and it never hit the market, and that’s what I predict will continue to happen with deals as they become increasingly rare.


I represented the buyers in the sale of this Buckhead home in the past year - listed at over $1M, home sales like this are indicators of the higher tier market in Buckhead making a comeback.

I represented the buyers in the sale of this Buckhead home in the past year – listed at over $1M, home sales like this are indicators of the higher tier market in Buckhead making a comeback.

I’m thrilled to say that the higher tier is finally coming back. I believe this demand is fueled primarily by bargain hunters and we won’t see the volume of $3M and up transactions that we used to.

There is definitely a building trend going on in Buckhead as older homes are not moving. People that are willing to spend the mulitple millions of dollars want something with high ceilings, open floor plan, basements for kids or storing stuff.   I’d say almost 90% of the high end transactions are homes that show like “new” even if they aren’t new.  They have to be in A+ condition to command the big bucks.

The properties with land, meaning over 2 acres, are tough to find as well. There is definitely a group of people in the under $2M category that are looking for something with land and will pay the higher taxes to have that lifestyle….but there just isn’t any inventory.

One of the ways I gage “demand” is the number of emails that circulate around my firm for people with buyers who can’t find anything that’s in the system.  It used to be about once every couple of weeks we’d get a “buyer needs” email stating they’d looked at everything on the market and if you have anything that you haven’t listed yet to let them know.   Now it seems like we receive one of these emails daily.

I also gauge the views online on my listings to see what to expect in showings and there was a sharp spike at the beginning of the year, so I know what’s coming around the corner – showings. Which leads to sales.


Located near restaurants and shopping in Vinings, this one at 2714 Vinings Oak Drive was sold in 2012 for a list price of $370,000 by Tina Hunsicker of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty.

Located near restaurants and shopping in Vinings, this one at 2714 Vinings Oak Drive was sold in 2012 for a list price of $370,000 by Tina Hunsicker.

The price point that’s hot for Smyrna is lower than it historically was. Builders bought foreclosed lots at a deep discount and are putting up new homes in the $300,000 price point, so selling things over $500,000 is tough. When people start getting to the half million dollar price point they seem to have graduated to inside the perimeter. The exception to that rule are those that need more space or really want newer homes with higher ceilings. They’ll still pay over $500,000 to live in 30080.

I wish I could convince more empty nesters to consider the small step to OTP. They are very particular and choosy in their neighborhoods as they are afraid their Buckhead friends won’t visit them. So only a few neighborhoods remain acceptable to them.

I think we need more upscale neighborhoods just outside of the Perimeter and I propose it goes in the Vinings Heights neighborhood where all the ranches are as its SO close and there is still land there. Unfortunately, those ranches keep getting fluffed up and are becoming too expensive to tear down. Time will tell there as that neighborhood is such a great location to stay as depressed as its been. I think more young people would do well to tear those down, or continue to “fluff” to get the great lots just on the perimeter.


I see the lower inventory levels bringing prices up slightly, but I don’t think buyers will jump up in their price point as much as sellers are thinking. If you want to sell it will be easy if priced correctly.  If you want to buy, you may have to pay a little more than people did a year ago, but we are still at good low levels.  Interest rates are still so incredibly low you have to take advantage of them if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines.

Let me know if I can help! Things are hopping in Atlanta and I’m so glad to be busy, and you never know, I may have a buyer in my back pocket just waiting for your house!

Tina Hunsicker

Prudential Georgia – Buckhead Office


Phone/Text: 404.931.3944

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