Spring Cleaning

Since I help clients buy and sell homes for a living, I’m always approaching the maintenance of my home like I have a punch list.  Spring is a natural time to get the cleaning done and this past week I started!   So far, I’ve knocked these things off my list:

  • carpets cleaned
  • the exterior patios, driveway and sidewalks all pressure washed
  • some painting done (more needs to happen)
  • and touched up black paint on iron fencing
  • and the list goes on

Spring_Cleaning_List_2012I was just reading a blog I like on Saturday morning (it was so beautiful in Atlanta on Saturday!!) and I came across this Spring Cleaning list from LilBlueBoo.com.  

“The Mother of All Spring Cleaning List” has some ideas that I didn’t think of. Everytime I tried to think of one to add – such as vacuum refrigerator coils it was there.  It is organized like this:

Start Big and At the Top
Example:  Clean behind and under the washer, dryer and other large appliances.

The Bedrooms
Example:  Launder all pillows, bedding and mattress pads.

Run Cut Lemons Through Disposal to sharpen the blades and freshen.

Run Cut Lemons Through Disposal to sharpen the blades and freshen. Photo from AcuteDesigns.org

The Kitchen and Pantry
Example:  Run cut lemons and ice through the garbage disposal.

The Bathrooms
Example:  Clean or replace toothbrushes. Soaking these in hydrogen peroxide is quick and easy!

Finishing Up the Inside
Example:  Switch direction of ceiling fans to counterclockwise.    

Outside the House
Example:  Check the dryer exhaust pipe.

Important Extras
Example:  Update your family emergency kit.

I do have a little tip that I’ve just started doing with my ice maker.  The intake is so hard to clean that I’ve bought filters to put on the exterior in front of the intake that I can easily replace without taking the grill etc off.  Its so low to the ground no one can see it and with a pet in the house (even though he supposedly doesn’t shed), there still seems to be alot of hair and dust that get sucked in there and it seems like I have to have it repaired every year, so maybe this will help.

So after reading this blog I  decided others may like this list as well.  I’ve already done the closets with summer coming so early this year and have started the summer flowers, but there are alot more things to do.

Take a look and I always welcome other ideas and may add some myself as I continue on my spring cleaning.

Click here to open and print the Mother of all Spring Cleaning Checklist.

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