Book reviews: get your summer reading list ready!

I so appreciate my cousin, Jennifer Clark Nodland from Bismarck, ND, for her many book reviews she has done over the years. She’s an avid reader and I appreciate her insight!  She’s sharing a few book reviews here on Real Vinings | Buckhead so that my (busy) readers can get a quick idea of what to add (or avoid adding) to your reading list.

Tina Fey BossypantsBossypants by Tina Fey (2011)

Fun, quick, light read. Fey does a pretty good job making me think she’s just “one of us.” She’s just a few years younger than me and put a smile on my face when she revisited her youth and poked fun of what we thought was soooo cool in the 80s.

Vince Flynn Term LimitsTerm Limits by Vince Flynn (1997)

Mixed feeling about this political thriller. This author’s first work suffers from some clumsy writing, but I bet his newer works are cleaner. My real problem with the novel is the foundation of the plot (killing sitting members of Congress because you don’t like them) and the resolution (can’t disclose without a spoiler alert). Anyone else read Flynn’s stuff? Thoughts?

The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright (2011)

The Forgotten WaltzCould. Not. Finish. This. Book. Although this book got good reviews (and the author is a Booker recipient), I found it difficult to read. Hopping back and forth in time – and the main character seemed self-absorbed and cold. If “chick lit” is just code for stories of infidelity and dysfunction, count me out.

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