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SPLOST: Woodland Brook Drainage Project

Woodland Brook Road, a popular cut through, will undergo construction during six weeks this summer.

Woodland Brook Road, a popular Vinings cut through, will undergo construction during six weeks this summer.

Revised details of the “SPLOST” Woodland Brook Drainage Project were revealed on Monday evening by Cobb County’s District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott and Engineer Bryan Ricks at an informational meeting at the Vinings Library. The plan calls for the replacement of dual 48-inch pipes that run beneath Woodland Brook Drive to be replaced with a 25-foot by 6.5-foot bottomless arch culvert.

Woodland Brook will be closed four to six weeks this summer, with a goal to have the road open to traffic again before school begins August  13.  Construction is expected to begin shortly after Cobb County schools let out for summer on May 24.  The exact date of the closing is uncertain at this time due to recent changes in the contract specifications which will no longer require the road to be raised.

While Woodland Brook Road is closed, “Village Residents” can use Randall Farm Road as a detour route.  It is expected that Speed Humps on Randall Farm Road should prevent speeders along the residential street. Emergency response teams have been made aware of the pending road closure and have alternate plans to access the affected areas.

Signage providing detour direction around Vinings Village to neighboring communities will be strategically placed. It is hoped that as a by-product of the improvements, travelers who have used Woodland Brook Rd. as a pass-through to other destinations in the past, will find the detour routes more efficient for future travel.

Please refer to the VVHA Website for maps & updates.

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