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Justin Bieber is home shopping in Atlanta

UPDATE 2/24/2014  Bieber tweeted that he never even looked at this home.  There was even a stunt by morning DJ’s that has been published to make fun of the whole thing.  Anyway, he’s here in a rental but this is NOT going to be his house.  Great publicity for the agent and great exposure for the house is all that really came out of the rumor.


Atlanta is home to many celebrities, and it looks like another one might be heading our way.

Justin Bieber has been looking to make Atlanta his home so he can be closer to the thriving hip hop community. According to TMZ, he has his eye on a sprawling estate off Blackland Road in Buckhead. Listed at $10,950,000, this 16,000 sq. ft., 7 bedroom/13 bathroom home has a lot to offer from energy efficient geothermal HVAC systems to a 70 foot pool/spa, gym, elevator and much, much more.

It is yet to be seen whether he really is interested or if this is just a way to generate interest in this property. According to his published interests – can’t be visible from the street (preferably secluded on 5+ acres), minimum of 10,000+ sq. ft., and lists for between $4 and $10 mil., this may not be the home for him. While the price and size may suit him, we’ll have to see whether he will settle for less acreage; the lot is listed at less than two acres.

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Until the property is sold, any number of things can happen. One of my friends would be his neighbor if he did choose this home, she mentioned that she’d stop by with a welcome basket of a couple of dozen eggs :-). I’ll be sure to keep you posted as I always do about celebrity home purchases in Atlanta.

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