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UPDATE: Time to register for Atlanta Summer Camps

I have some great updates for that  Atlanta summer camps post I did a couple of months ago!


photo credit: Josh Powell Summer Camp


Much to the dismay of many families,  Josh Powell Camp announced that they had closed their doors last year.  Then today I read an article that they are open again!  It is available for boys and girls who are rising 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.  But since they were closed last year, this year only, they are taking rising 4th graders as well to allow children the full 3 year camp experience.  Chase went all 3 years and has aged out now,  but it truly is an camp experience he enjoyed.  It still has many openings and I think that is due to the belief that it closed down, but here is the weblink to hurry and register your child; they are frequently updating their Facebook page as well for more details.  They pick up at West Paces and Northside and drive the kids out to the country.  They get muddy and hot, but I know nature  boys and girls love it!

I also heard about a few more camps that I want to tell you about for those of you who haven’t finalized your summer camp plans yet. The original post  has  all the updated information is available in one place, but here are some new camp options I wanted to highlight:

  • Club SciKidz is a science and technology camp for boys and girls ages 4-15. They have locations throughout the metro Atlanta area. Currently registering for camps beginning June 6.
  • CampMODA: a Design Thinking Camp is being presented by the Museum of Design Atlanta at 4 locations: MODA’s Midtown campus, The Lovett School, GA Tech’s College of Architecture, and First Presbyterian Preschool on Peachtree. Programs are available for children ages 5-14 are are now registering for summer sessions. Check out Field Trips With Sue‘s write up for more details on the camp (and great ideas for kids activities in general).
  • GA Tech Lacrosse Camps focuses on older children looking to really polish their lacrosse skills but has both day and overnight camps for boys and girls ages 8-18

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Registration begins for Atlanta summer camps

I know I did a post on Atlanta area summer camps last summer, but I wanted to add new data as it comes along. 

Westminster Summer Camp is taking applications for return campers starting January 13th.    Remember you can start your child at camp here when they turn 4.

Lovett is posted to sign up already

Haverty Hollow sign up begins in February. Click here to go to the information page for Haverty Hollow camp.

As I find out dates of other camps starting their registration I’ll post them as well.  I couldn’t find any dates yet on Pace Camp yet.

I did find out information on a Surfer Camp in Charleston SC, but your child needs to be 8 to start there.  Chase will be going there next year!

As always, any camp ideas please let me know and I’ll post for others.

Summer Camps in the Southeast

Photo Credit: Camp Mac

UPDATE: Camp Mac in Alabama knows that there are as many different kinds of summer camps as there are different kinds of kids. They provide a great list of camps in the Southeast.

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Atlanta area summer camps

Fun at the Westminster Summer Day Camp in Atlanta.

Fun at the Westminster Summer Day Camp in Atlanta.

Well now summer camps are over and next year may be a year of new camps for many.  I thought I’d capture any input that people have from their Atlanta-area summer camp experience in 2011 so in January when we start booking again, we all may know some new things available.

I thought I’d write this post to share ideas on what camps I know of and to get input from others on camps they use and the ages they are appropriate for.

Since Chase was 4 1/2 I’ve sent him to summer camps.  They are different lengths based on the child’s age and most seem to have before and after care if you don’t have time in your schedule to pick them up at odd times during the day.

This past summer I had scheduled him for 7 weeks of camps and ended up cutting it back by 1 week.  As a working mom I think summer camps provide an organized play date for your children with a combination of relaxing/swimming time as well.

I do think that next summer I will cut it back to 5 weeks of camp to give him more flexibility to go to the beach etc.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try to sign him up for a surf camp somewhere as well!

Most schools will have programs and it really depends on your child’s interest as to which ones you choose.  My son has gone to the following:

Age 4:

Camp Wildcats (ages 4-7) at Westminster and Westminster Summer Day Camp (ages 4-13).

Pace Camp at Pace Academy

Haverty Hollow in Garden Hills has a camp for younger children (ages 3-5 for Preschool Camp and ages 5-10 for Frog Hollow Camp) at Garden Hills Recreation Center.

Age 6:

A "real" camp experience, including a good old fashioned mud game, can be had at Josh Powell Summer Day Camp

A “real” camp experience, including a good old fashioned mud game, can be had at Josh Powell Summer Day Camp

A whole new world has opened up.  Chase can now go to Josh Powell Summer Day Camp which they take a bus out to the country everyday.  This camp is very rustic and a true “camp”, there is running water but its cold.

Update 1/14/15: Sadly, just learned that Josh Powell Summer Day Camp has closed.

He’s also able to go to Westminster Summer Camp, Pace Camp and Lovett Summer Camps.

Haverty Hollow will allow 6 year olds to come to Frog Hollow at their main location on E. Beechwood off of Northside Parkway.

There are tennis and swim camps offered at the Cochise Club as well.  I know all of the programs expand as they get older.  I have several friends that prefer the academic approach to camps and are sending their children to “camp” as the Schenck School.  It’s a great summer program to help give your children an academic boost for the next school year.

Chase isn’t old enough for sleep away camps yet, but I’ve heard a lot of girls go to Greystone as they get older and I saw a friend post that her daughter went to another sleep away camp this summer as well.

If you’re reading this, please post any camps you like and what age and sex they are appropriate for as I’m sure I’ll be looking for them in the next year or so as well.

Tips for Planning Summer Camp Schedule

  • I know I start booking for most of these in January and February – I’m sure many think I’m crazy, but you’ll be wait listed if you don’t!
  • If you wait until March to register for camp, most have filled up.
  • Westminster is available to book late January as is Pace.
  • Josh Powell is usually early February as is Haverty Hollow.
  • Returning campers usually get booking priority.
  • It requires careful coordination as most don’t run on the same two-week schedule.
  • Most will allow refunds of fees up until May 1st, then you’re stuck with what you’ve booked back in January.
  • I try to leave at least three weeks free for beach time and at least one “do nothing” week at home, especially the week before school starts so they are well rested up from the summer fun!

What camps have you used?  Let’s try to put together a more comprehensive list as a tool for next year!

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