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Real estate trends in Buckhead’s 30327 zip codes

For the 30327 Buckhead market the trend is very different than the Vinings real estate market in 30339.  What we’re seeing is consistent sales that are the same as last year, not down like Vinings.

The interesting thing about the Atlanta zip code 30327 in Buckhead (and I know this to be true from my clients who are looking to purchase) is that the inventory is really low.

We don’t see many new homes for sale in Buckhead entering the market and the inventory is getting eaten up so prices have stabilized more.  I fully expect to see prices begin to increase slightly in 30327 as demand continues to increase and inventory does not.

Is now a good time to move up to a larger, better home? It may just be.

If a client is trading up this is still the time to do it, but for those downsizing or having to participate in this market for relocation purposes it still remains tough.

Statistically we are back to 1998 pricing.  So if you think your house was worth “x” in 2005 that’s not the value anymore.  Think back to what it was worth in 1998 and that’s what you’ll most likely get in today’s market.

I also run a Case-Shiller index for my clients to help exhibit what that value most likely is for their home.

Give me a call or text to 404.931.3944 or email if you’d like me to provide this free analysis for you.

Check out Buckhead homes for sale in zip code 30327.

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