Catching up with the DeLoaches – your design/contractor duo

I had originally posted about my friends Lauren and Greg DeLoach when I started this blog a couple years ago. Greg is a contractor and Lauren is an interior designer. They are the complete design/build team. Now, they’ve made it big time, and I am so proud of them. Atlanta Homes Magazine recently featured a beautiful home they partnered with local architects Spitzmiller and Norris on.




It’s just another example of their talents. I will add that after working with Spitzmiller and Norris, they recommend them very highly. They also enjoyed working with architect Stan Dixon. As always, I recommend calling them for your design and contracting needs, but be prepared for a wait as they are booked a couple months out. Lauren is managing 3 small children, so right now she only works with Greg’s clients, but I’m sure in the future we’ll see her branching out from that as well. With work like this, it would be a shame if she didn’t.




You can find Lauren at or Greg at

Best wishes and much success, Lauren and Greg!

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