Want to be a Reality TV Star!

Partially kidding.  We get requests all the time for home related  TV shows.  See below.  If you’re interested send me a note and I’ll give you their email address to respond.  Good Luck!

NOW CASTING in ATLANTA! Need more space? Want to knock down a wall? Currently CASTING outgoing and dynamic homeowners in ATLANTA who have outgrown their home and are in desperate need of a RENOVATION and makeover. If you love your neighborhood and don’t want to or can’t move, but you need more space, we want to help! Ideally, your home has some inactive space we can expand into; such as a porch, attic, yard or storage area! 1. Name of homeowners 2. Contact info (include cell) 3. Neighborhood you live in and street address 4. Photo of family 5. Photos of exterior of house (front & back) 6. Photos of problem room(s), tell us why 7. Tell us why you love your home & neighborhood but why you need a renovation

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