Local Three – I crave the organic burger on the Big Green Egg

Two of my most favorite restaurants that I frequent often are Buckhead’s Local Three and Muss & Turners in Smynings.

I may not be a true food critic, but if you live in 30327 or 30339 and have not been to these restaurants you’re really missing something. I crave the organic burger cooked on the Big Green Egg smoker and just about every special they come up with.

I still haven’t been to one of the Sunday brunches at Local Three but its on my list of must do’s. They are usually booked a couple of weeks out, but you know everything will be “special”… they smoke their own bacon! Anyway, I highly recommend it and enjoyed this review so I thought you would too.

A Review of Local Three from Christina & The Kitchen

The owners of Atlanta's Local Three.

The owners of Atlanta's Local Three.

Local Three  was opened by three locals … Ryan Turner, Todd Mussman and Chris Hall.  Todd and Ryan are from Food Studio (and that pretty much explains why I LOVE this place, right there … FS was one of my all time faves!), and Chris was the chef at the Sundial Restaurant.

Todd and Ryan are the fathers of the famed Muss & Turners in Smyrna.   I believe the three met at a charity event, and talked beer, wine and pig, and, while Chris was thinking about opening his own place, LOCAL THREE was born.   It’s said that Todd & Chris = “Back o’ the House” and Ryan = “Front o’ the House”, but I’ll tell ya, they all three feel like the whole thing is their sole responsibility.  For instance, Chris has welcomed me at my table a couple of times, and came out to greet patrons I’ve sent in, too.  Good Folks, these guys.

They’ve got a great thing going, driven by an awesome philosophy, which is, plain as day, out there for everyone to see:  People Matter Most.  Local is Priority.  Seasonal Makes Sense.  Authenticity Rules.  Quality Governs.  Delicious Trumps.  Pretense Stinks.  Comfort Feels Good.  Appreciation Tasted Better.  Prudence Sustains It All.


Get it?  WOW — that right there makes me want to hang out with them (and eat, of course)!

So … I decided that I’d let the rest of Atlanta have a taste of what I got and realize what a gem they have right there, on the northside of town, and wrote a review on YELP!  And wouldn’t you know … Chef Chris wrote me a nice little note back!

Here’s my review of Local Three:
They had me at their Daily Operating Philosophy.

Chef Chris Hall and Todd and Ryan (of Muss & Turner’s) have this one NAILED!  They’ve opened Local Three in the old Joel location – but don’t let that steer you away … Fortunate to have a fab kitchen, I don’t think they changed much there, but the decor was just so “last year”, as was the food.  Local Three looks and feels not one bit like Joel, and I couldn’t have been more impressed.

I had the opportunity to visit Local Three last week and was completely blown away.  I consider myself a bit of a foodie, and have a discerning palate for all types of food – boiled peanuts and popcorn included.  Their bar “snacks” are fun, not fussy.  (yes, I said “boiled peanuts” – YUM).

The bar was warm, inviting, yet a little elegant.  PERFECT for a drop in drink, a drink before dinner and even dinner!  The selection of beer was outrageous (I was warned) as was the bourbon and whiskey list.  We chose a nice bottle of wine (I’m not too knowledgeable on the brown stuff), although, the cocktail list was also quite impressive.  The service, even though they were pretty tight, was awesome – I felt like we were the only two in the place – we never had to ask for a thing.

Our lobster gnocchi, grilled flatiron, pan seared (Georgia) trout, salads – EVERYthing – was perfect.

Atlanta needs more places like this.  The place is “just right” (which I think is what the boys want it to be).  It’s a bit of a local place, a bit of a night out for dinner place, and even more so, a place you want to come back to soon.

Go.  Now.  Be prepared to “sit deep and stay long” – they live by their philosophy and they want to get to know you … I can attest to this.

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