Coming Soon: 3775 Paces Lookout Circle, Atlanta 30339


For those of you that obsess over getting into Paces View, I have a rare single family home in this gated community inside the perimeter, coming on the market later this week.  I will hold it open on Sunday July 23rd, 2017 from 2-4 if you’d like a look. The photographer will be shooting it on Thursday night and I should have it in the system soon after that, so this is your chance to beat the crowds!  The price will be $1,140,000 and the best part is has the master on the main, an elevator and 3 car garage!  Everything you all ask for. It is barely lived in and has hardwoods in all of the bedrooms, a nice light and bright kitchen with quartz.  12 ft ceilings in the family room and 10 foot everywhere else on the main with city views!  This is a former model home so it has all of the JW Collection upgrades.  Call me now (404-931-3944) and I’ll arrange to get you in later this week!




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Site Plan Approval for another property in Vinings Heights

screenshot site plan

We just received approval this morning to subdivide 3930 Pineview Drive in Vinings Heights!  So the Pradera Group will be able to begin construction on two new homes, each on 1/2 acre lots, soon. These homes will have the same specification and finishes as the ones we are doing at 4007 Pineview.  Call me now to design your custom home for one of our available lots.


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New Construction Details at 4007 Pineview, Vinings Heights by the Pradera Group

I have a lot more details to share with you about the new construction I’m working on with the Pradera Group at 4007 Pineview in Vining Heights; I’m really excited about how this project is coming together and had to take some photos of another Pradera home so you can get a better idea of the quality construction and style of the finishes.

In this kitchen, we have a gorgeous maple butcher-block on the island in contrast to the marble countertops, deep farmhouse sink and high-end stainless appliances, semi-custom cabinetry with soft-close doors and drawers.

Bathrooms are stunning – the master has a free-standing soaking tub and frameless shower surround, marble counters, and timeless subway tile.

The finishes throughout the home are homey but elegant with an “urban farmhouse” feel; shiplap panelling in the family room and judges panelling in the dining room as well as generous moulding in every room; cast stone mantel on the fireplaces and well-designed lighting and site-finished hardwood flooring.


There are a too many features to list so make sure you click through here for all the details on the specs for  Vinings Heights custom homes .

As I mentioned when I announced this project, there are 4 home sites that we will be developing on Pineview Drive ; the site plan for 4007 Pineview, Vinings Heights  is the closest to completion but we still have some great options available for buyers who want to be involved in choosing their options and finishes from the ground up. Take a look at our proposed site plan for Pineview Drive. 

Please feel free to get in touch; I would love to show you the progress we have made on this stunning home in an unbeatable location!



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How to Handle 2017 Property Tax Assessment “Sticker Shock” in Fulton and Cobb Counties – Deadline approaching!

We all know we’ve been living in a hot spot for real estate sales and values, but it seems like the Atlanta area tax assessors offices are finally starting to notice and the 2017 property tax assessments have been a shock for many residents.

I’ve had clients calling me with concerns about what this will mean for their tax bill this year and asking if it’s worth appealing. In short, the answer is often yes, but the procedure varies from county to county, and there are times when appealing may actually not be a great idea.  I can help you with that decision if you’d like and pull the comparable properties and assessments that the County is most likely looking at.

Key data:

  • The deadline to appeal in Cobb County is June 18. Thankfully, the procedure in Cobb County is also pretty simple; click here for the Cobb County Tax Assessors Office for the details of your property’s assessed Fair Market Value and to get started on an appeal. If you run into trouble, give me a call; I’d be happy to help with the first level of appeal or with the Board of Equalization.
  • Fulton County residents have 45 days from receipt of their assessments to appeal. Click here for the Fulton County Board of Assessors with links to property search and appeals. Fulton County government has also posted instructions here for how to appeal online.

If you find that your appeal is more complex than you are comfortable handling on your own, I recommend a couple of firms that have had a lot of success in handling appeals for my clients.

  • Walter Holtz at BOE Tax Appeals has been successful for my clients in the City of Atlanta
  • Campbell & Brannon specialize in real estate law and have been helpful with clients in both Fulton and Cobb. They sent out an email recently with some key points that I thought were good to know:
    • The county assigns a property a Fair Market Value (FMV) for taxation purposes
    • This assessment includes an estimate of taxes for 2017 based on the FMV 
    • No taxes are due at this time, 2017 tax bills will be sent out later this year
    • Assessments can be appealed with the county
    • The assessor mails the notice to the owner of record as of Jan. 1, 2017
    • A 2017 buyer will not receive the notice in their name as it was mailed to the seller

    All appeals must be filed within 45 days from the date of the tax notice


It’s important to note that an increased assessment of FMV is not necessarily going to reflect the same percentage increase in your tax bill. Municipalities, school boards and counties set their millage rate based on budget needs and the assessed property values so the estimated tax rate on the assessment may change. That’s why it’s a good idea to get as much information as  you can and be aware of your options in advance. A surprise tax hike is never fun, but preparation and information is key.  Cobb County has a timeline and explanation of its procedure here.

When is it not a great idea to appeal? If you don’t want a spotlight on your property value, don’t appeal. If you’ve made significant improvements that aren’t reflected in the assessment, don’t appeal. If comps are selling in your area for significantly higher than your assessment, don’t appeal. However, make sure that you have all of the data you need to make that decision, and I am happy to help, either with information or referrals to trusted experts in this field.

I personally went thru the process last year and have quite a few lessons learned.  For example: the Board of Equalizations in Cobb doesn’t equalize to different neighborhoods, only your street.  Living in Vinings, I felt that the comparable properties would be most streets in “Vinings Village”, not true.  My street has had a spike in high property sales, thus all of us on the street have received higher assessments as a result.  They will only equalize you to the lowest value on your street.  To fight a larger battle, it may require action of many members of a street to appeal jointly.  With senior exemption coming into play in Cobb,  many neighbors have less of a desire to fight the assessment as their tax is so low already.  Whereas in Fulton County, the increase applies to seniors as well and may be a good reason to fight the battle.  If you’ve just purchased your property and the next year it goes up, you may need to appeal.  If it’s what you paid, you may still have an argument if the others on the street are significantly lower.  Once you’ve won the battle, you will have that value for 3 years before they can raise it again.  I’ve tried to compile some helpful information here so be sure to click on the links in this article for a little more context and some basic tools for navigating your appeal.

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New Construction at 4007 Pineview Drive, Smyrna

We’ve made a lot of progress on the project I told you I was working on with Pradera Group – 4007 Pineview Drive is completely framed and looks like it will completed in time to host Thanksgiving dinner!


Set on over a half acre lot and convenient to Home Depot HQ and in the Teasley Elementary school district, this home is listed for $850,000. We’re working on an “urban farmhouse” interior design but early bird buyers can get involved with the selection process and customize colors and finishes.

This home has a great floorplan with a master and a guest room on the main floor, and 3 bedrooms and a family room upstairs.

Give me a call or drop me an email for more details – I’m really excited about how beautifully this home is coming together!


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No2 at Opus Place: Midtown Atlanta’s Newest Luxury Residential Tower


I was excited to get a sneak peak last week at one of Atlanta’s most exciting new developments, a residential high-rise tower in Midtown called No2 Opus Place, part of Opus Place Atlanta. Designed with a focus on culture and wellness, the tower and pavilion at 98 14th Street in Atlanta’s Museum District are being called  “live / work / play” luxury homes. I’m linking a video by BHHS with some great footage and details of how this project came to be.

OHM_Condo_06_Tower_CornerBalcony_01 has an article with new details of the just-opened sales gallery, renderings of the tower, and photos of a model unit at the development, slated to break ground in October. While the project isn’t scheduled to be completed for two years, sales incentives like a second parking spot and and preferred pricing are being offered now for early buyers.  Prices are starting at $750,000 for a 1 bedroom 1 bath and up to over $12M for custom penthouses.

It will be exciting to see how this begins to take shape over the next year; it’s a really unique location with a condo lifestyle unmatched in Atlanta and there are a lot of “healthy building” and green concept being incorporated. I’ll do a follow up with more details on that- it’s really unique! As always, feel free to reach out to me for more information!

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Update: Must-haves in Kitchen Renovations

Renovations, especially kitchen upgrades, are always a hot topic with my friends and clients. I am on several discussion boards on Facebook and recently the topic came up again.  I linked them to my last post and they were very thankful.  So I thought I’d take any new suggestions and enhance the original blog post.  Kitchen renovations can completely change the look and function of a home, and since they can be expensive, homeowners want to make smart decisions that they will want to live with for a long time.

Since kitchen renovations can also be one of the best home upgrades you can make in terms of real estate resale, it makes sense to me to make the changes you need to make in order for your home to really work for you and your family.  Additionally, I work with builders and always work to keep on top of the trends so they can included them in their home designs.

I’ve put together some of the most popular “must-haves” and hope you can find some ideas or inspiration here!

Farmhouse sinks: There is a lot of discussion (and differences of opinion) about whether homeowners prefer a large divided sink or a single basin sink, but either way, a big, spacious apron front or farmhouse sink seems to be a favorite and enduring choice.  I personally love the deep single basin stainless and my builder has been using the white farmhouse like what is pictured below.  Tell me your preferences!



photo credit: signature

Beverage station: keeping the family hydrated during Atlanta’s long (some would say 9 month) summer season without having the refrigerator opened constantly is the challenge that an independent beverage chiller solves. Whether a built-in undercounter refrigerator or a free-standing wine cooler with room for sodas and juice, a beverage station  keeps everything accessible and at the right temperature.


photo credit:


Double dishwashers: Southerners love family dinners, and they love entertaining, but there’s nothing to love about running out of space in the dishwasher at the end of the night and having to hand wash a pile of dishes. Homeowners are loving the option of a second dishwasher that is capable of keeping up with ALL of their dishes.


Extra ovens: which extra oven works for you depends on your lifestyle and cooking preference, but an extra oven is a must for kitchen renovations. Steam ovens for the serious baker, convection ovens for the home chef , or hybrid microwaves are all popular choices (and the microwave can live in its own drawer in the lower cabinet to make snack time easier for kids.)



photo credit:

Under cabinet or countertop plugs: with the trend in high end backsplashes like quartz or marble, people are opting for less visible plugs either as power strips under the cabinets or built into the counter as flush or pop-up outlets. We all know you can never have too many outlets in the kitchen and these options fill that need without breaking up the lines of a gorgeous luxury backsplash.

Drawers, drawers, drawers: and I’ll add, pull-outs in general whether for garbage and recycling or for racks for baking equipment and especially for pantries!. Cooks are tired of scrambling blindly in deep cabinets looking for the right size lid for a pot or an ingredient hidden behind boxes in a pantry and are opting for easily accessible drawer and pull-out storage.


photo credit:


photo credit:


photo credit:


photo credit:

Appliance garages: with families investing in appliances that they use everyday but don’t necessarily love seeing on the countertop (think Vitamix and Keurig coffeemakers), appliance garages are getting bigger and taller. I’m even seeing them as part of a counter-level cabinet with adjustable shelves where you just close the doors on the practical but not beautiful appliances once you’re done with them.


photo credit:



High-end faucets: We all know, accessories can make or break an outfit so one of the most used elements in the kitchen should not be an afterthought! Faucets are also a place where function and design really come together and there are so many beautiful options out these days that can really make your kitchen sparkle.

Gold, brass, and copper facets are a bold trend that’s popping up more and more.


photo credit:

Like that classic strand of pearls, traditional styles can complete the look of your kitchen in an understated but elegant way.


photo credit: any

Sleek, modern designs make a statement in a minimalist kitchen.



Air switches for garbage disposal: from gorgeous faucets to the mundane necessity of garbage disposals…but the air switch makes the disposal so easy to use and is virtually invisible mounted next to the sink.


photo credit:


Clean lines, pleasing proportions: while the feeling of a fresh kitchen renovation is hard to beat, keeping the look fresh for a long time is key. Opt for clean, crisp lines and neutral colors in your built-in elements while getting trendy and experimental with your accessories for  long term renovation satisfaction. And pay attention to proportions to maximize your island, peninsula, and cabinets for the kitchen’s footprint.


photo credit:

I’ve never hear anyone regret getting as large a kitchen island as their space allows. Islands seem to be the center of the home where everyone gathers, whether it’s getting the kids breakfast in the morning or a fun gathering of friends.


photo credit:


What are your kitchen must-haves?





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New Listing: 1268 Timberland Dr SE, Marietta

Surrounded by large private estates, exclusive neighborhoods, and the Chattahoochee National Forest, this rare listing includes just under 3 acres of pristine, private land with incredible potential.


Located in an enclave of large estate properties in unincorporated Cobb County, you’ll have easy access to the new Braves Stadium and low Cobb County taxes whether you choose to create your own large estate (the property is zoned to allow horses) or subdivide the lot for up to 3 homes.


The beautiful Rivers Call neighborhood is a stone’s throw away, as is the Windy Ridge Office Park, so the property offers unparalleled privacy with easy access to work, entertainment, and shopping.


This rare piece of land is actually two subdivision lots with additional land purchased later covered with mature trees and a beautiful and private natural setting.


Bring your builders!  There are a house and stables on the site but the property is being sold for land value. Please take a look at the details on my website and give me a call to set up a viewing!

1268 Timberland Drive SE, Marietta, GA 30067

Overview  Lot/Land; 2.96 acres; 4 br house on lot; stables; zoned for horses; sub-dividable for up to 3 homes


Schools: Brumby/ East Cobb/Wheeler

List price: $675,000

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Community Event: Northside Youth Lacrosse League’s 1st Annual Lacrosse Festival

S1F9976-X2-1024x683Untitled.jpgChase will be participating in this fun event  on May 13. Whether your child is new to the area, new to lacrosse, or interested in the Northside Youth Lacrosse League, this festival will be a lot of fun. There will be lots of vendor tents, food trucks, and live music for the whole family as well as an all-day tournament for surge players. For more information check out the venue map, schedule, and their Facebook event page. Hope to see you there!

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Announcing My New Construction Coming Soon With The Pradera Group

I’m excited to announce that I am working with one of Atlantas premier builders, the Pradera Group, to bring new construction to the market in Vinings, Vinings Heights and Smyrna Market Village.


It’s no secret that the Smyrna/ Vinings Heights area is one of Atlanta’s hottest real estate markets. With it’s accessible location, affordable real estate prices, and lower taxes, I wanted to work with builders to bring exceptional semi-custom construction to my clients. That’s why I’m working with the Pradera Group to build wonderful family homes in some of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods just outside of Vinings proper for now and other areas as we see the demand.

Looking to the future, we believe that the extensive new development like Suntrust Park, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, the Silver Comet Trail will continue to make this area a very desirable area for families to buy. Pair that with proximity to some of Atlanta’s top rated private schools and Cobb County’s highly rated public school systems and it’s not hard to see why real estate values have risen by 15% in the last year alone (a number were anticipating to continue into the future).

While parts of suburban Atlanta have been known for larger tract developments,  Pradera Group is taking a different approach. Smaller scale development means each home is built with attention to detail. We’re doing extensive grading work on each site to take advantage of the entire lot, allowing room for attractive landscaping and the option to build a pool at each home on the large lots. And speaking of pools and hot summers, new energy efficient mechanical systems and insulation are a part of these home’s construction, reducing energy usage, which means lower utility bills in the summer. We anticipate cooling your 3500+ square foot home to cost no more than $300/month during Atlanta’s steamy summer months.  The selections are all very custom and current, if you buy early you will have the capability to fully customize the finishes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.02.39 PM

Main floor plan for 4007 Pineview with Master

We have a home plan selected for our first build at 4007 Pineview Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080.  This home will have a master on the main and an add’l bedroom, office or playroom privately situated on the other end of the house.  Kitchen is open to the family room and screened porch are all the things clients have been asking me for.  Priced at $849,000 with almost 3/4 of an acre you can’t beat it.  Looking at most of the homes at this price point you won’t find another one with this large of a lot.

No one wants to have to fight traffic in Atlanta any more than they have to and the area’s shopping and dining options are getting more and more press. Family-friendly entertainment, parks, and a little extra elbow room are all things that I think my clients with children will appreciate along with the lower taxes that my empty nesters and private school families are looking for.

Continue to watch this space as we bring you more details about our collaboration; from insights about new construction and its whys and hows to more information about the Smyrna/Vinings Heights and all it has to offer, we will be updating often, so stay tuned!

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